Zagreb City Library Bibliobus invited me, along with others, to participate in the Month of Croatian Books programme. It was my first experience of telling fairy tales in a library on wheels.

The Month of Croatian Books is an event held from 15th October to 15th November with various programmes for all book lovers. The sponsor of the event is the Croatian Ministry of Culture whilst the organiser is Zagreb City Library, to whom I am grateful for the invitation.

Pupils from one fourth grade class of the Rudeš Primary School of Zagreb enjoyed listening to one folk fairy tale, a talk about Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić and the introduction to the fairy tale of Reygoch which are part of my repertoire.

At the end of the storytelling, the pupils asked me some questions, and the first one came from one girl: “But how did you get here from Ogulin?” The reply was just as clear as the question: “By train!” 🙂 The next question was whether I write, and where have I told fairy tales so far. In order that they all got to school on time, we socialised briefly and then took photos in front of the big Bibliobus.

It was great fun, uplifting and as always inspiring for the future!
Thanks to the Bibliobus service of the Zagreb City Library, until next time….

Translated by Martin Mayhew