From 7th to 9th June 2019 the 14th Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival was held. The natural attractions of the town came to life with the large numbers of visitors and performers. It is a festival already well-known to families and fans of children’s literary and the performing arts.

Besides the theatrical productions and storytelling, it was also fun to join in and enjoy creative workshops on the themes of robotics to felt making and many more. Over three days along with the smell of popcorn and candyfloss we also enjoyed the colourful and happy promenade.

We are already looking forward to the next festival, and there is always room for improvement!

As we are already mentioning felt making, I would like to point out that this year the festival was visited by the Ozana Society from Zagreb. Before the start of their felt-making workshop, we toured the town together. This year they came with “reinforcements” – children from the Voltino Elementary School, also from Zagreb.

Ozana is a day centre for rehabilitation and work activities, founded in 2002. Through various activities and workshops, they develop motor skills, creative development, independence etc. Their speciality is the making of dolls, sewing, the making and shaping of wool, modelling and picture making with clay, the manufacture of greetings cards, invitations and certificates of thanks.

A lovely group which year after year with its workshops adds so much to the beauty and joy to the three-day festival, I look forward to our next meeting!

Translation by Martin Mayhew