Plitvice Lakes – the flowers, people and springtime

Mountain orchids, anemone and spring saffron in Plitvice Lakes National Park.

In the most visited national park of Croatia, Plitvice Lakes, a real transformation has taken place over the last few weeks. From the snow, cold and winter mood, in just a few days the lakes have transformed into a warm, green oasis.

The bare branches are now a green canopy and the trees in bloom.

Over 90% of the park is covered with forest. Although we always walk alongside the lakes, the treetops and vegetation along the edge of the forest attract our attention this time of year. We now notice various species of flora, spring saffron, anemone, Romulea bulbocodium and mountain orchids.

The animal world is also waking up, several times we had to wait for a viper to move out of our way, and we enjoy the sight of young pike, chub and trout in the clear, green waters of the lakes.

Pikes at Plitvice Lakes

Visitors from all four corners of the world have been enjoying the scenes of rebirth, budding, movement and warmth these days.

Australian invasion – a music school on a musical journey across Europe also visited Plitvice.

Groups from Asia – are often walking and singing, and in their own way celebrate nature at the lakes.
A group from America – the colours of the lakes overwhelmingly remind them of the sea…
As a tourist agent from Canada Nash came to tour the route of Plitvice Lakes which her clients normally take. On this business-private trip with her was her cheerful and enthusiastic mother who took this picture of us. Thanks to her mother for the photograph and a big “hello” if you should read this!

Visitors love to hear all about the lakes and soak up all the information, and sometimes amongst the waterfalls and lakes… I leave the interpretation to nature and the powerful and therapeutic sound of the water. There are parts in the park where we walk silently, and we let nature speak for itself. You just need to know when to stop and listen 🙂

“Those who drop their head low enough, so that they hear the rustle of the grass and the whisper of nature, find happiness, love and a full life.”

Božidar Prosenjak, Croatian writer

(translation by Martin Mayhew)