Have you ever thought what it might be like if you or someone dear to you were a character in a special fairy tale?

I have the answer to that question, I am every character in every fairy tale that I tell. Admittedly, I like to perform some characters more than others. So, I can also become someone close, famous and dear to you through a personalised fairy tale or story that I will write first and then perform for you.

Personalised fairy tale and story
Have your very own personalised fairy tale written and then performed live!

If you like this idea, you can whisper to me who you would like to surprise and we’ll show them what kind of character they are from their very own fairy tale or story. When creating a personalised fairy tale or story, which will bring together the perfect imperfections of that person (their character, personality, virtues, weaknesses, wishes, hobbies, job, etc.), we create a unique piece work that at the end I perform by telling a fairy tale or story and in written form that remains as a gift for those for whom it was commissioned and created. I must admit I really like the idea, and I see us at a birthday party or some other friendly, family occasion.

See you in someone’s story!

Translation by Martin Mayhew